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LonelyPlanet LS Photos:

Dynamis-Bastok DOG PILE!

lol just plain cute.

Down in the grimy sewers.

The Pretty Waterfall That Everyone Has A Pic. Of.

In Sky Where We Met A New Friend.

I Can't Remember Her Name But She's In Our Dynamis LS And I Think That She Is The First Hot Elvaan I Have Ever Seen. . . Well For The Exception Of Ellwin We Love Her Too.

This Is A Great Photo Of The Detail That Is Put Into CoP.

Here's My Buddy Gludd He Pop'd By To Say "Hi" LOL Ironwulf Is In The Background AFK.

SRRY ELL! HAD To Post This Pic. We Are Proud To Say That Our LS Knows How To Deal With Gilsellers!

/sigh Dynamis-Windy Run #2 For Some Damn Reason People Always Gotta Go Ring The Door Bell At That Damn House.

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